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CEO for French subsidiary

CEO for French subsidiary

Qasa is one of Sweden’s most prominent early stage startups, a modern marketplace for long term home rentals, built from an algorithmic perspective where home-owners and home-seekers are matched efficiently through our own system. After the matching is done Qasa provides security through online rental agreements, payment processing, payment guarantees and insurances, with every part of the process neatly integrated and built by us. The model and platform has been proven in Stockholm and is now ready for the next big challenge — to become an international player.

Do you want to be part of a fast paced startup with humble, yet skillful and ambitious colleagues who despite understanding that it takes time and dedication in order to build a world class disruptive company, are up for the task? Then you should keep reading.

To grow Qasa further, we are looking for an entrepreneurial, analytical, tech-savvy leader to join Qasa as CEO of our French subsidiary and start the journey of Qasa as a global company. The French subsidiary’s primary focus is to adapt the Qasa business model to France and take it to the market. This is, without comparison, our biggest investment so far. To clarify, we are looking for someone with the following qualifications:

  • Experience in taking idea to reality in an international environment, possibly in a startup or as a management consultant
  • You probably have studied in one of the A+ Grandes Écoles, but all backgrounds with a proven track record are welcome to connect with us.
  • The only definite requirement is that you are native or at least effective operational proficient in both French and English.

How we work

The Qasa teams work in two-week sprints and every three months we evaluate the past three months and plan for the next three months. We work towards a set of well-defined, measurable goals for each three-month period, and follow up on the results to learn and improve our processes. This means that we often ship new features or feature upgrades, test new offers and launch smaller campaigns on a two week basis. So the pace is pretty fast but at the beginning of each sprint we make sure everyone has agreed upon the two-week goals, and since the whole team is involved in the planning, the workload never gets out of hand.
The whole Qasa team at the moment is pretty small with a product team consisting of one coding product owner and designer, a backend developer/sys-admin and a data scientist plus the CEO who helps out when two more coding hands are needed. There is also our Swedish country manager who also handles the brand and marketing and a customer relations manager. We expect to be 12 people by spring.

We do our absolute maximum to be able to stay focused, no unnecessary meetings and full focus is our motto. If you want to work some days from home it’s completely ok with us as long as you deliver a solid result at the end of the sprint. However, we all spend most of our working days at our office in central Stockholm since we enjoy each other's company, chatting, having lunch together and a beer or two on Fridays. Since you will be the first person in the Paris office, we will make sure to help you understand the values we have in the company. This means that the Stockholm office will have strong presence in the Paris office and that you will regularly travel to Stockholm.

The role

Your responsibility would be to adapt the successful Qasa model towards France and recruit and manage a team to realise Qasa’s potential in France. Initially this includes legal work of setting up a subsidiary and legal adaptations of the company’s offer.

In a long-term perspective, the job is to lead the local company with hands on work in acquiring landlords through smart scalable and effective strategies, negotiating and tying up potential partners such as banks or letting agents and also recruiting and fostering a small efficient team. This team’s main task it to build and maintain a strong presence in Paris, all while you display leadership that complies with our company values. It therefore contains management of the day to day work of the team overseeing workload, distributing tasks, recruiting, supporting the team and being a point of escalation. A close and strong cooperation with the product division at Qasa in Stockholm is also a key to success. The innovation part mainly consists of improving the product offer to fit the local market as well as constantly increase the team’s effectiveness and efficiency as the business is growing.

About you

For us, the most important thing is that you share our core values. We are humble, we help each other out and we work as a team. We listen and communicate, we learn new things both because we have to but also because we want to. We have complete trust in the team and we all take pride in the success we have, and we also take responsibility together when something doesn’t go as planned.
Other than that, there is no background that is preferred over another. We want people that can help us see new perspectives so having a similar background as the team members we already have is not necessarily a good thing, but doesn’t have to be a bad thing either.  More importantly, you are self-motivated and comfortable with setting your own goals and executing them. You more often hear people trying to slow you down than the opposite. You have lots of ideas and general problem solving comes naturally. The current team is in an early career stage, in the age span of 26-32, you are most likely also where we are career wise and eager to take it to the next level.

We put heavy focus on the type of person you are, and the type of people and the atmosphere we already have at Qasa today. Since we are a growing startup, each new person along the way will contribute to and help build a company culture that will set the tone of the company for many years to come as we continue to grow.

Benefits and compensation

Qasa strives to build the #1 international marketplace for long term home rentals. In the same manner that Uber has been able to build strong local marketplaces, Qasa has set its course towards the absolute top. To be able to work in an international environment where you not only can, but have to grow as a leader, co-worker and person is probably the main benefit. However, we also offer top tier compensation amongst early stage startups, note that this doesn't mean a high monthly salary but a more than generous compensation on success. Our wellness grant is the most generous one we’ve heard of and some key employees have also been given the chance to buy a stake in the company as a part of an Incentive Program after having been working in the company for a while. This will hopefully incentivise you to be with us for the long run, as we all know: Rome wasn’t build in a day, and neither is an international world class housing marketplace.

How to apply

Just apply by connecting through careers.qasa.se and provide all relevant information you think we should have in order to get to know you enough for a first stage interview. That’s how we work, no boundaries, just deliver a good end result.

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